21 July 2005

*sensational* *new* *citations*

Dear all—please notice that citations can now be viewed on their own little page, reachable by the link beneath my picture. It was too difficult to edit and update and archive the citations as they existed in their previously footnoted form. These citations will reference the theoretical and political turnpike of my brain. Hopefully they won't be entirely unrelated to the frothy narratives chronicling the banality sublime of my daily existence which are more likely to appear here. And perhaps, perhaps, perhaps (to quote from that fantasic Doris Day song) we'll witness, together, the convergence of my modestly idiosyncratic quotidian bumbler-self and my violent and abstract political personality. And the "of the day" part will be more truthful. In fact, there are two today, from Francine Prose and Roland Barthes by way of the tragic and too-young-to-be-deceased Craig Owens, whose book Beyond Recognition is sharp and accessible theory for anyone interested in subjectivity, representation, gender, and queerness.

P.S. The pictures are often links for related articles and information. Or simply the ipso facto context for the image itself. In this case, I found the "Bally Citation" pin ball machine on this crazy index of original adverts for vintage and contemporary toys and games. The page takes a while to load but names alone ("Crash N Score!" and "Border Beauty") make poking around worth it. It could be valhalla for that emo-band name you've been looking for.


Blogger Ms. Pipestem said...

Ah. But I think of it as a song by Cake.

23 July, 2005 15:11  
Blogger Who's the dourest of them all? said...

I recently realized that the song on Gwen Stefani's new album (L.ogs A.rchitects M.issles B.ananas) is also a cover of a previous song called "It's My Life," right?

I'm such a nerd. I rarely notice when songs are "borrowed."

24 July, 2005 11:14  

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