30 July 2005

dr tonk to a ah

or...North Dakota. Where I currently am. And have minimal phone coverage...My mother just told me that "Billy Roach doesn't like [her] anymore"...but hotel room internet! Postings tomorrow!


Anonymous K G D said...

"Tonka Oath, Dr.?"

North Dakota, eh............I thought I had something sarcastic to say but....anyway.

Have you heard about this!?


I'm sure you have and I'm not all that suprised myself that it exists but that it is openly advertised and acceptable. I'm sure it is just a front for wierd counter-Kinsey, christian sexual science.

Oh, David Ramm is in Canada...don't you dare think about defecting too!

30 July, 2005 19:24  
Blogger Who's the dourest of them all? said...

Dude. I have it from a totally reliable source that he is on his way to NYC.

Stay of defection granted.

31 July, 2005 00:24  
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